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You might have heard of passphrases, where random words are strung together to make a password.

If so, you probably know that a passphrase can be both easier to remember, and at the same time harder to guess, than the types of password that are used by most people. You might have seen XKCD's famous "correcthorsebatterystaple" comic.

What you may not know is that secure passphrases must be entirely random, and humans are really bad at being random; that's where this app comes in.

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Using a cryptographically secure random number generator and a variety of dictionaries (from 700 - 80,000 words), Passphrase Generator will generate random passphrases of your desired length.


Although I've done my best to follow good security practices, security is complicated, and I can't guarantee that this app is fully secure - or that your device is malware-free, for that matter. I am not responsible for any security breaches that may occur as a result of your use of, and / or of problems with, this app.

Android note: you'll note that this app doesn't ask for internet permissions, so you can be assured that it doesn't send the passphrases anywhere. Nevertheless, that might not be enough reassurance for some critical applications, so for the truly paranoid I'd recommend printing the Diceware word list and selecting your words with physical dice.


The application logo was inspired by a CC-BY image by Delapouite. The word lists used to generate the passphrases were adapted from SCOWL by Kevin Atkinson.

Windows only: the application uses SharpZipLib.