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Text My Location is a lightweight app for sharing your location with other people over SMS.

It's currently in beta; there may be bugs that need fixing, and there will be some improvements coming soon.



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Unlike a lot of similar apps, Text My Location doesn't rely on Google Maps. It displays locations using any good map app* – and if you've got offline mapping, no internet connection is needed at all!

Ideal for outdoor activities, meeting up with people and more.

Once you've received someone's location, display it either:

The other person doesn't even need this particular app: because it uses the GeoSMS standard, any other app that supports the standard can communicate with this one.

Let us know if you'd like to see another co-ordinate system supported – or if you've got any other suggestions or feedback.

* It works with any mapping app that supports Android's standard inter-app communication of locations. Popular supported apps include: Google Maps, OsmAnd, Locus Maps, Offline Maps (by elderorb), MAPS.ME and more.


This app uses some elements from CC-BY scripts (1) (2) by Chris Veness of Movable Type Ltd (these scripts are © 2005-2014 Chris Veness).